BigRock targets Indian Businesses in .net Campaign

— BigRock joins hands with the .net TLD to proliferate its reach among Indian businesses

— Rolls out integrated media campaign & TVC that showcases the wide appeal of .net

— Launches a series of content-driven events called ‘httpx’ for Indian web designers & developers

BigRock, one of India’s leading domain registrars and web hosting companies, today announced that it is working with Verisign, the world’s leading domain name registry operator, to further the reach of .net domain names amongst Indian businesses. Verisign has operated the infrastructure for a portfolio of top-level domains that include .com and .net (among other domain extensions) for more than 15 years.

Fast facts about .net

— The first domain name to come into existence was .net. While the first domain name to be registered was the now famous Symbolics.com, it is a lesser known fact the very first domain name ever to exist was Nordu.net. It was created by the registry with the same name as the first Internet root server (nic.nordu.net)

— .net domain names are hosted in more than 200 countries around the world. The number of .net domain names has doubled in size since 2006

— 48% of the .net domains registered in India have e-commerce functionality on their sites

— Almost 139,000 domain names registered in other top-level domains immediately forward to the same name but as a .net site

— A .net domain name can be registered in as many as 350 different native languages

To increase the adoption of .net amongst Indian businesses, BigRock has unveiled a .net website package that includes a .net domain name, email hosting, and web hosting integrated with an easy-to-use interactive website builder priced at Rs 299. BigRock has also launched an aggressive integrated media campaign that comprises a television commercial (TVC) and extensive digital campaigns to build awareness amongst Indian consumers. BigRock also recently launched a first-of-its kind series of events called httpx in association with .net targeted towards web designers and developers at Mumbai and at Delhi. The events brought together more than 700 attendees and a speaker line-up of some of the top developers and designers in the country. Read more

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