6 Domain Name Industry Developments to Lookout for in 2014

2013 was one of the most exciting and forward-looking year for our Industry, and here we are, right at the beginning of 2014. Shall we look into the crystal ball and see what the horizon up ahead likely holds for us? We hope and foresee that a lot of everyone’s hard work will eventually begin to pay off this year. We also believe that the industry will witness a huge change; opportunities and possibilities that were never before thought of.

1. The Year of Internet Innovation

Never before in the history of the Internet have we seen so much innovation set to happen in such little time. A large chunk of New gTLDs are expected to be delegated in 2014! We are about to witness innovation in business models, in marketing strategies, in partnerships, in technology and more in the year ahead. Read more by Siddharth Taliyan

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