Go Daddy Withdraws New gTLD Applications to Focus on Registry Relationships

Go Daddy announced on Wednesday that it has rescinded two of its new gTLD applications, .home and .casa, in order to focus on providing non-competitive services to its registry partners.

The announcement comes out of Go Daddy Registry Days, its meeting in Phoenix with new gTLD applicants. Go Daddy says the meeting with new gTLD applicants will help it  establish and extend relationships, and ensure that it is “shepherding the industry in a way that’s beneficial” to its customers, who are largely SMBs.

“Go Daddy is generally known as a domains company and a hosting company and has many products that support the small to medium business, by being registry or TLD agnostic Go Daddy is going to be focusing on the benefit of the individual TLDs for our customers,” says Richard Merdinger, Go Daddy vice president of product development,read more

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