.UK Web domain registration cost soars as Nominet makes a 50% price hike

According to an article by Jonathan Owen  on the independent, Britons wanting to register web addresses face a price hike as a result of a controversial decision by the UK’s internet registry to charge 50 per cent more than it does at present. The move by Nominet, the not-for-profit company which controls and manages British internet addresses, has prompted a revolt among its own members.

The protest has been prompted by an announcement by Russell Haworth, the company’s chief executive, that the wholesale price to register a web domain will go up to £3.75 a year from next March in the first rise in 16 years. The new flat rate will replace current yearly prices – £2.50 for addresses registered for more than two years, and £3.50 for one year’s registration.

In a press statement on Wednesday, Mr Haworth said:

“Costs have risen considerably since we last changed the price, and we need to compete in a promotion-driven industry.” Pricing will now be reviewed annually, as part of the company’s commercial strategy, according to the statement.

The outraged clients of .uk who have set up an online petition to oppose the Nominet move at have said

Neither is this a ‘one off’ price increase after 16 years… Prices could increase again next year and year on year? Despite the ‘not-for-profit’ making a huge profit for years now.

A unilateral price increase like this without consultation is due to Nominet successfully removing the ‘Hutty Clause’ Article 19A back at the 2010 EGM. Previously 75% of the Nominet membership had to vote in favour of a price change.

Nominet Members (Small Businesses, Registrars, ISPs & Portfolio Owners) outraged by such a large one off increase have founded this site to petition Nominet to stop the price increase on 1st March 2016 before it is passed on to registrants.

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