These ccTLDs are subject to most UDRP disputes

Although no ccTLD appears as frequently as .com in domain name disputes, it’s interesting to see which ccTLDs are subject to dispute the most often.

writes that at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), which hears more domain name disputes than any service provider, the most popular ccTLD that shows up in decisions is .nl (Netherlands), followed by .au (Australia), and .es (Spain).

Here are the top 10 ccTLDs that have appeared in domain name disputes at WIPO through the years (the numbers in parentheses represent total disputed domain names, as of October 18, 2017):

  1. .nl (955)
  2. .au (780)
  3. .es (666)
  4. .ch (579)
  5. .co (509)
  6. .mx (461)
  7. .fr (373)
  8. .tv (306)
  9. .ro (187)
  10. .ir (161)

These numbers pale in comparison to the number of WIPO disputes for .com (49,219), .net (6,298), and .org (4,094) — and WIPO is not the only dispute provider for those, so the total numbers for these gTLDs are actually much greater. Read more

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