PODCAST: Africa internet penetration is now 13.5%_moneyweb

Magnus Nystedt discusses internet usage trends and opportunities across Africa.

ALEC HOGG: It’s Thursday June 28 2012 and in this Boardroom Talk special podcast, Magnus Nystedt, who is with Royal Pingdom in Sweden, joins us now. Magnus, you’ve done some interesting analysis of websites hosted in Africa and I suppose the headline number is that it’s very small in comparison with websites hosted around the world, less than one quarter of 1% of the world’s top 1m sites are actually on this continent.

MAGNUS NYSTEDT: Absolutely and let me just clarify one thing, the company I work with is called Pingdom and then we have several blogs but the work I mainly do at Pingdom is analyse data and collect data about internet, social media, those kinds of things and the blog where we publish most of that stuff is called Royal Pingdom. We do, as a company, we monitor websites that are for people all across the world, we monitor hundreds of thousands of websites for customers to see if they’re up and running as they should and then if they’re not they can be alerted so they can go and fix the problem. So we’re interested in all different kinds of issues relating to internet, so we keep an eye on what’s happening but one thing we haven’t really done is look at Africa and how it’s doing in terms of internet penetration and mobile use and web hosting.

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