NetMundial Initiative tries to save itself as ICANN and co U-turn on permanent seats for ‘net ‘UN Security Council’

The people behind a plan to create a sort-of UN Security Council for the internet have backed down from giving themselves permanent seats on the panel.

Domain-names overlord ICANN, the World Economic Forum (WEF) and Brazilian internet body – which are behind what’s called the NetMundial Initiative – announced the climbdown earlier today.

It came at the end of a lengthy discussion over the proposed initiative at the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), held in Geneva, in a bid to save the project.

Faced with a barrage of complaints over how they had organized the program, and facing the possibility that the IGF would not accept the permanent seat set aside for it, a statement was read out that included the note “there will be no permanent seats in the coordination council for the initiators of the NetMundial Initiative”. Read more on TheRegister