Luxembourg’s .lu domains can now be locked for a year in disputes

.Lu provides new lock in case of domain dispute.

Country code operators are not required to offer a cybersquatting resolution service, although many adopt some form of the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP).

Luxembourg takes a more hands of approach. But starting next month it will implement a locking option to stop a domain from being transferred while in dispute. The lock has an initial one year period and can be extended.

Here’s how the registry describes it:

The Dispute is valid for an initial period of one year and will expire without further notice. DNS-LU may, however, extend it for an additional period of six months, provided the claimant submits a formal request for this purpose.

In the event that the dispute is solved, the claimant must submit on his own initiative a formal trade request to any .lu registrar of his choice. This to ensure the proper transfer of ownership. The trade request will be checked and validated manually by DNS-LU subject to the reception of documents proving the resolution of the dispute in favor of the claimant.

In case of a domain name cancelation during the dispute period and no dispute resolution having taken place, the domain becomes available again for any interested party, without the claimant having a preferential registration right to the same domain name.

Separately, the group is also removing a restriction on certain adult domains from being registered.

There are currently about 75,000 .lu domain names registered. Read more

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