ICANN welcomes new CEO as the Expansion of domain namespace is underway.

Recently at Prague the entire internet fraternity welcomed a new CEO to the ICANN board, Mr. Fade Chehade who was picked among several other professionals who applied for the Position, He comes from a fairly wide background having been A founder of several organizations including CEO of Avocado, a company providing cloud-based administrative software for educational institutions.

Mr. Chehade takes over, this is After a successful time at ICANN s the top office by the outgoing CEO Mr. Rod Beckstrom who’s time at the leadership saw several landmark changes that includes the current new gTLD’s . Mr. Beckstrom tenure saw the successful agreement for expansion of the domain namespace from the current small number of 21 to more.

The Current Applications number 1930, one of the greatest applications with USA Companies leading by 844 , Africa had indeed 17 Applications two among them representing the .Africa geographic TLD (DotAfrica).
From their regular newsletter posted on DotConnectAfrica Website, DotConnectAfrica joined the entire internet fraternity saying in Part “DotConnectAfrica takes this auspicious opportunity to indeed humbly welcome the new CEO and President Mr. Chehade, having been among the many delegates represented at Prague 44th ICANN conference, we were indeed honored among the entire internet fraternity to listen to the introductory speech. Indeed the commitment for transparency and attention to the new frontiers like Africa shall go along way into extending the good work at ICANN.”. The Same article posted also praised the outgoing CEO Mr. Beckstrom for his outstanding responsibility.

Mr. Beckstrom the outgoing ICANN CEO pointed on a few issues that included the pressure that has surmounted ICANN especially from the new gTLD process and more specifically as it goes to the evaluation period which is quite a tricky part of ensuring that the domain name system is expanded fast but thoroughly. He also touched on ensuring that the Policy at ICANN of ensuring that the system continues to be transparent much as the world is excluded from the internal workings of the organization that is slowly getting known universally, He thanked the community for the constant , tectonic pressure and constructive criticism especially in the developments .

One of the quotes that will be remembered by the incoming CEO Mr. Chehade is the on the resource that is the internet saying “The Internet is the Greatest Public Gift” He goes further to emphasize that “…ICANN cannot become a fortress. ICANN must become an oasis, a place that people see and come to because it works, because it makes sense, because it’s efficient

DotconnectAfrica said that it looked forward to a continued and sustained cooperation and increased collaboration that will prosper the all inclusive multistakeholder model that it said it fully supported and reinforced.
DotConnectAfrica was represented by CentralNic the backend registry provider that is DCA’s foreign partner who was also a sponsor and an active participant at the ICANN 44th Prague meeting that hosted delegates from all over the world.

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