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ICANN, like NSA, a self-serving bureaucracy killing the internet

This is a repost from  All of the hopes, dreams, and promise of the internet, dashed by the NSA and ICANN et al:

ICANN leaders push for broad-based Internet governance | PCWorld: “The revelations this year of NSA surveillance by former contractor Edward Snowden have stirred up Internet governance issues, Chehadé said. “That’s, frankly, almost irrelevant at this point,” he said. “What is more important is to focus … on a future that allows all people—governments, businesses, civil society, technical organizations—to feel that they together have an equal footing in the governance of the Internet. That’s the future.”

Such grand words! Unfortunately, ICANN abandoned “serving in the public interest” and instead has adopted its own self-serving mission of greed — read more here.

And the NSA long ago went astray of its mission, and became an out-of-control self-serving bureaucracy, complete with secret rubber-stamp FISA court, in the absence of any real overight or Presidential direction, all in the name of “national security.” The legacy of the Bush-Obama era is that the NSA and the other self-serving bureaucracies, DHS, TSA, et al, have made “national security” a suspect phrase. No thinking American today believes anything that the NSA or these other acronyms say, as they have been shown to lie consistently to the American people, including under oath to Congress, and as a result, they are not trustworthy. And they have almost nothing to show for all of the billions of dollars wasted on their grand schemes of “keeping America safe.” Puh-leeze, get off the security theatre and BS! And stop lying to the American people!

So how does a low-level government contract worker walk off with all of the NSA top-secret classified documents? That’s not hard to do when the government agency, in this case the NSA, is an arrogant, fat, lazy, inept, self-serving bureaucracy, accountable to no one except the small-minds who run the NSA. And to think that the NSA had Congress and the public believing they were doing a good job and were good stewards of the billions in tax dollars wasted on their grand schemes of spying on Americans and the rest of the world! That is, until Mr. Snowden exposed all of their secrets to the world. One man did what the FISA court, Congress, and the President all failed to do — hold the NSA accountable.

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