First Cyrillic address Using a .бг domain goes live in Bulgaria

Bulgaria CyrillicAfter nearly two years  ICANN has approved Bulgaria‘s national domain. Initially there was some uncertainty over whether the request would be granted as .бг bears some visual similarities to Brazil‘s already registered “.br”.

Имена.бг (“names”) is the first Bulgarian web address available entirely in Cyrillic.

The Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications has said it is setting up a list that will “lock” names of state institutions and municipalities, like софия.бг (the name of the capital Sofia in Cyrillic) or президент.бг. (“”) to avoid any registrations that could potentially tarnish these institutions’ reputation.

After the list has been filled, the registration process for those willing to have use the .бг domain will begin. Priority will be given to trademarks or company names and other applicants whose name request is “well-founded” by similar reasons.

First reported on Novinite

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