Fadi Chehadé: Internet Governance Update

In recent days, the community has asked for more information about the background of events in Internet governance including the Montevideo Statement, meetings in Brazil and the Internet Governance Forum and so I wanted to write this blog as another way to complement my ongoing discussions with various community groups.

Since I joined ICANN last year, and in particular since the WCIT last December, many of us have been part of public and private discussions about the current state of and the future of Internet governance. Conversations across the spectrum of the global Internet community. And these conversations and discussions have tended to a core premise along the following lines…

The Internet is one of the greatest inventions in the history of the world, and the catalyst for the creation of massive economic and social value worldwide. And in 2013 the Internet is bigger, moves faster, and is more global than ever.

But how should Internet governance evolve to keep pace? How should Internet governance arrangements evolve to meet the needs of today’s Internet? Holes are increasingly emerging in the Internet governance map as certain emerging topics and issues are not currently addressed and are having critical impacts. These wide-ranging issues, from cyber security to privacy and beyond, affect every user of the Internet, every member of the Internet community. And there is a growing clamor for solutions.

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