.xyz Signs Registry Agreement with ICANN

Beverly Hills, CA — (SBWIRE) — 12/04/2013 — XYZ.COM, the Internet registry operator behind the new .xyz domain names, has signed its registry agreement with ICANN, paving the way for the new generic domain extension to launch in Quarter 2 of 2014. As one of the first approved extensions in ICANN’s new gTLD program, .xyz has been making waves throughout the tech industry with its innovative promotional campaign. The registry has also partnered with a number of domestic and international registrars to offer low-cost domain names for users around the world to build flexible and innovative websites.

.xyz is one of the first new domain extensions that will be released as part of ICANN’s new gTLD program. While many of these new extensions will serve niche markets, .xyz is for every website, everywhere. From companies looking for innovative ways to connect with their customers to bloggers seeking a unique and memorable domain name, .xyz is a flexible platform created to fit everyone’s needs.

The signing of the Registry Agreement is the last non-technical hurdle in launching the new domain names since its 2012 application, placing .xyz one step closer to its highly-anticipated release date in Quarter 2 of 2014. XYZ.COM Founder Daniel Negari has signed ICANN’s standard Registry Agreement without any modifications. The contract features several Rights Protection Mechanisms, including an initial Sunrise Period to give Trademark Holders first rights to their .xyz domain names.

As ICANN’s youngest registry operator, Negari has consistently been on the cutting edge of promoting his new .xyz and .College domain extensions. In early November, .xyz and .College became the very first new domain extension to reach market with groundbreaking advance public auctions on Over the next several months, users will be able to bid on domains like,, and For more information about their partnership with NameJet and a list of available domains, please refer to the .xyz blog at

“Our goal has always been to bring a new level of innovation, openness, affordability and choice to the Internet,” said Negari. “The signing of our registry agreement with ICANN is one of the final steps of making this goal a reality.”

Check out XYZ.COM for more information about .xyz, and make sure to follow .xyz on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date on its progress.

XYZ.COM LLC is led by Founder Daniel Negari, a visionary Internet entrepreneur with years of experience in the domain name space. Located in Las Vegas and Beverly Hills, XYZ.COM is a registry operator that is bringing new unrestricted global domain extensions, including .xyz, .College and .Now to the internet.

XYZ.COM is currently accepting preregistration requests for .xyz and .College domain names at XYZ.COM and XYZ.COM/college. Both unrestricted extensions will be available for registration in 2014. Institutions and trademark holders will have the opportunity to register their .xyz and .College domain names in the Sunrise periods. The proceeding open registration will be treated on a first-come-first-served basis to the general public.

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