.Doha joins the list of terminated gTLDS

.Doha is the first gTLD to ask for a termination notice along side two dot-brand domains .active and .Zippo.

They join a growing list of new gTLDS that didn’t make it to be profitable.

.Doha is the geographic TLD for Doha, the Qatar capital and would be used as a domain name for government entities however this plans will have to be shelved as the Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) has filed a termination notice for its registry agreement.

.Zippo a domain name for the famous Zippo lighters maker Zadco Company and The Active Network’s .active are also hanging their boots. The Active Network, a subsidiary of Global Payments Inc. (NYSE: GPN)has only used the name for social media short links in the form of

Other brand domain names in the termination list are .mcdonalds, .htc, .mcd, .naspers, .payu, .supersport, .mzansimagic, .mnet, .kyknet, .africamagic, .multichoice, .dstv and .gotv.

.mail, .home and .corp were not delegated due to name collisions, ICANN instead refunded applicants.

According to ICANN’s Registry Agreement Termination Information Page

Termination Process

Under the New gTLD Registry Agreement, either party may terminate pursuant to certain requirements in the Registry Agreement, including but not limited to the following:

  • Section 4.3 and its subsections – Termination by ICANN
  • Section 4.4 and its subsections – Termination by Registry Operator

Pursuant to the above sections, in the event of termination by either party and after consultation with Registry Operator, ICANN shall determine (“Preliminary Determination”) whether or not to transition operation of the Registry to a successor registry operator in its sole discretion and in conformance with the Registry Transition Process.

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