“Coalition of the Willing” website launches! Who is behind it?

A website www.1net.org “Coalition of the Willing” website launches. This comes at a time when internet governance discussions are increasing, and also when internet privacy is being viewed as vulnerable especially following the NSA PRISM exposure. The website just launched but who is behind this new formation?

Here is a post on the website:

/1net is hosting a free and open online forum about the future of Internet governance. Together, we can develop a framework that will help grow and strengthen our interconnected world in the public interest.

Safeguarding the Public Trust in Our Internet

The Internet is our shared global medium for free expression, human development, self-empowerment, education, economic growth, innovation, and peace. As such, we are all equally concerned about its sustainability. We are collective stewards of the Internet, responsible for safeguarding the public trust into a single, free, and open Internet.

Together – as global users, industry, civil society, governments, academics, and technical organizations – we are deeply committed to strengthening the distributed multi-stakeholder Internet governance framework to serve our next generations.

We call for global Internet governance and cooperation to be based on strong common principles that unite us, principles that embrace respect for the individual rights of Internet users and the sovereign rights of all countries.

Equal-Stewards Safeguarding the Public Trust in Our Internet.

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