Your .Africa Identity – DotConnectAfrica Ranks A Superior Solution than UNIFORUM ZACR, Compare Your Benefits!


Ms. Sophia Bekele
DCA Registry Services, Kenya

Mr. Neil Dundas
Uniforum ZACR, South Africa

Compare your Benefits:

In my research since the .africa domain became official, I have been looking and comparing the various houses and their benefits towards the African context.  I have looked at the publicly available information and drew up the column below, so you can look and vote for your best available .africa provider.

DotConnectAfrica Trust
Link to Application to ICANN:
Uniforum ZACR
Link to Application to ICANN:
Not for profit, non-partisan
HQ: Neutral Country, Mauritius
Not for Profit, Partisan to Government
HQ:Johannesburg, South .Africa
-.Africa Campaign started 2006
– Low cost of registration names
US$10.00 as the unit price
– Interests of users & registrants first
-.Africa Campaign started 2012
– High cost of registration names
US$18.00 as the unit price
– Interest of user & registrants last
Registry Continued Operations Instrument (COI) to the tune of USD$300,000.00 Registry Continued Operations Instrument (COI) limited amount to only USD$140,000.00
Non-partisan Vision ensuring user privacy concerns Governmental Vision, Monopoly, risk to user privacy and freedom of speech
Satisfies all the technical, operational and financial criteria of the ICANN new gTLD programme
Endorsement: Endorsed by AUC early in 2009, the UNECA in 2008 and some African Governments.
In serious violations to the ICANN new gTLD guidelines.
Endorsement: Appointed by AUC in 2012 to apply on behalf of African community, but did not.
Mission & Purpose of application – Authentic -DotAfrica gTLD proposed a standard, open, generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) that serves the diverse needs and purposes of the global Internet community, but with special focus on promoting Internet use in Africa. DCA was True to its Campaign & Mission. Mission and Purpose of application – Allegedly Mislead the African Union Commission (AUC) and African Community & other Stakeholders. UniForum received a letter of appointment from the African Union Commission to make its application for .AFRICA on behalf of the African Community, but UNIFORUM subverted from its Campaign & Mission.
Founder of to empower women None
Founder of to empower youth None
Experienced foreign gTLD Registry partnership for technology transfer No Technology Transfer, No gTLD registry experience, .ZA ccTLD experience only
SafariCom partnership for Mpesa mobile payment for the un-banked No program for the un-banked

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