Worldwide use of IPv6 increases, study shows_broadband-finder

The worldwide use of the internet’s new addressing system IPv6 has increased, findings from BT indicate.

The broadband provider’s Diamond IP IPv6 Industry Survey discovered that 13 per cent of organisations have already rolled out the application across either part or all of their networks, marking a sharp rise from the five per cent that did so last year.

Respondents who took part in the research were IT and operations professionals from across the globe, with a further 44 per cent of them admitting that they are hoping to roll out IPv6 in the next two years.

Organisations will want to act quickly to adopt the system due to the rate at which the internet is expanding, which is leaving the number of IPv4 addresses severely depleted.

Findings from the study also showed that 55 per cent of respondents believe that it is necessary for IPv6 to be deployed to their full network.

Despite this, some of those taking part in the survey still need convincing of the address system’s benefits, as 22 per cent believe that a stronger business case needs to be created in order to show that a satisfactory return on investment.

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