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Toyota cyber attack locked out employees of their emails for days

Car maker Toyota has been hit by a cyber attack in Australia, with employees locked out of their emails for days.

Toyota Australia’s servers were targeted on Tuesday and an investigation involving federal authorities is under way into who was behind the potentially malicious cyber attack.

The company confirmed it had been the victim of an attempted attack and was working with international cyber security experts to get its operating systems back online.

“At this stage, we believe no private employee or customer data has been accessed,” the company said in a statement. “We have no further details about the origin of the attack.”

“Data storage and other information systems in specialist suites are owned and managed by the specialists, not by Cabrini. The specialists are not employees of Cabrini,” Dr Michael Walsh of Cabrini said.

“No Cabrini data storage or patient-related systems or operations have been impacted or compromised by this incident, and there has been no breach of hospital patient data. Cabrini is providing support to Melbourne Heart Group in relation to this incident.”

The cyber incidents come as the Commonwealth is still dealing with an attack that impacted Parliamentary networks, as well as those of Australia’s Liberal, National, and Labor parties.

Toyota Australia says it is the first time it has been targeted by a cyber attack.

Workers at Toyota dealerships said they were still able to sell cars, but were unable to give customers estimates on when they would receive their new vehicles, due to not being able to access the central server system.

The company website’s contact page has been replaced with a message saying the page is “under maintenance”.

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