NSA.org Email Addresses and Subdomains to go for $100 says Mashable.com

If you always wanted to have an email address that made you sound like a spy, this is your lucky day. You can now get an NSA.org email address for just $100.

The owner of the NSA.org domain is selling email addresses and subdomains (think edwardsnowden.nsa.org) to anyone willing to pay $100 — what he calls a “bargain price.”

The man behind the site, Chris Fisher, is a 40-year-old IT consultant who registered the domain in 1995, because he was involved in the hack scene and

“it was a fun domain to irc [an Internet chat protocol] from for trash talking and bustups with rival hackers (yeah, LOL),”

he told Mashable via email. At the time, since they were cheap, he said, he harvested various domain names. Fisher claims he even registered tacobell.com. Read more

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