Nominet reconsiders second level .uk domains

New plan gives rights to existing domain registrants and offers lower pricing.

Nominet, the registry behind the .uk namespace for the United Kingdom, has put forth a new plan to offer second level domains to the public. Currently, registrations are only available at the third level.

The group’s previous proposal to offer domains such as instead of was shelved in February after a number of stakeholders lodged complaints about the program.

The earlier proposal wouldn’t have given priority to existing third level .uk domain holders. It also had a planned wholesale cost of £20 per domain per year, which is about ten times the cost of a third level registration.

The new plan, now open to community feedback, would give priority to the owner of a third level domain. If you own,, etc. you’d get first dibs on In the event that more than one of the same third level domains are registered ( and, the holder of the oldest registered domain of the string would have senior rights.

Also, the price will be about £5.

This still places a burden on existing domain registrants, especially those with large portfolios. But it may strengthen the overall value of the .uk namespace, which will help domain investors that own .uk domains.

I don’t own any .uk domains, so I’m curious to hear from those that will be affected if this proposal becomes reality. Read more

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