New gTLD domain name registrations hits 3 Million

The New gTLD domain name registrations have passed the 3 million mark. According to, the total number of new gTLD domain name registrations sits at 3,026,376.

According to TheDomains, the good news is that in less than 8 months new gTLD registrations went from zero to over 3 Million and are growing daily.

The bad news is there are a lot of caveats to the numbers.

Free domains are at the forefront of what some would call inflated new gTLD numbers of registrations, as the number one caveat.

Domain names registered and reserved by the registry or those affiliated with the registries are not far behind as the 2nd biggest caveat.

Geo new gTLD like .London and .NYC as expected (at least us here at are taking the lead.

If we look at the 15 most registered new gTLD we will find around 377K .XYZ domain names that were given away by NetworkSolutions to its customers; 50% or so of .Berlin’s 152K registrations were given away for free.

.Realtor which was offering up to 500,000 free domain name registrations got less than 75,000 takers for a free domain.

.OVH which gave away 50,000 free domains is sitting at 53,603 registrations.

Uniregistry which has over 140,00o registration has over half of those, some  74,470 domains registered by a company associated with the owner of registry North Sound Domains) and another 12K registered by the owner of Uniregistry.

The string .公司 (xn--55qx5d) has over 14K domain names registered by the registry

The .OOO registry registered and reserved almost 31,000 domain names out of the 31,700 domain names registered.

The .网络 (xn--io0a7i) new gTLD IDN while it has over 25,00o domain names registered has over 12,000 registered by the registry as reserved domains

Overall its fair to say that paid domain name registrations are far from the over 3,000,o00 new gTLD registrations.

Yet there are new gTLD getting registered everyday for premium dollars and for regular registration prices.

As we have noted before and will say again, the numbers of new gTLD’ registrations will not mean a hill of beans until many have gone through their first renewal period.

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