Judge rules cybersquatter owes Trump $32G over domain names

Criticizing The Donald can cost you.

A Canarsie cybersquatter who registered domain names related to Donald Trump and used them to skewer the real estate magnate must pay him $32,000 in damages, a Brooklyn judge ruled.

J. Taikwok Yung first drew Trump’s rage in 2007 when he registered four websites — trumpindia.com, trumpbeijing.com, trumpabudhabi.com and trumpmumbai.com — after learning that the developer planned on launching projects in Asia.

The chronic domain collector — who lives with his mom and has $250 in his bank account — posted sporadic insults against his nemesis on the sites and offered scathing reviews of “The Apprentice.”

Entitled “Abysmal Drop in Rating for Apprentice Show,” a 2011 post on trumpmumbai.com offers up negative assessments of past seasons.

Yung opined that the second season “sucks” while seasons 7 and 8 “all around sucks like hell.”

Of season 10, Yung was more expansive, asking “what kind cheap low budget show is this?”

The annoyed mogul initially offered Yung $400 to sign over control of the four sites, but later avalanched him with a $400,000 lawsuit after he refused that offer and demanded a bigger payout.

But instead of being a few hundred dollars richer, the cybersquatter will now face $32,000 in fines after magistrate judge Viktor Pohorelsky ruled in Trump’s favor.

Yung countersued the magnate — but the jurist tossed his claims and ordered him to relinquish control of the four websites. He opted to go with far less than Trump’s $400,000 maximum demand because Yung is “insolvent,” according to his ruling.

The squatter previously warred with Merrill Lynch and Bank of America after he snatched up the domain name mlbofa.com after the finance giants announced their merger.

Young tried to demand a seven-figure price for the domain but his case was tossed from Manhattan federal court. Read more

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