International Center for Despute Resolutions objections list

ICANN new gTLD’s gave the International Center for Despute Resolutions to deal with the string confusion objections

According to the DRSP, The ICDR will constitute panels of independent experts to hear and provide expert determinations of disputes arising from objections to gTLDs (based on String Confusion only) for which applications have been submitted. The ICDR will administer the proceedings in accordance with ICANN’s new gTLD Dispute Resolution Procedure, which incorporates by reference the ICDR’s International Rules for proceedings. Every applicant for a new gTLD will be required to agree expressly to the resolution of disputes arising from objections in accordance with the new gTLD Dispute Resolution Procedure (and, by reference, the relevant ICDR rules) when submitting its application to ICANN.

Objection Grounds, Standing and Dispute Resolution Service Provider (DRSP) Information

  • String Confusion Objections
    String is confusingly similar to an existing TLD or to another applied-for gTLD string – delegating two or more similar TLDs could cause user confusion

The Dispute Resolution Service Provider (DRSP) has thus published the  Listing of String Confusion Objections Filed.

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