ICANN’s Kurt Pritz and Paul Strahura of Donuts among Managing IP’s top 50 Most Influential People

Managing IP Top 50 list picks out the individuals shaping the IP industry worldwide. The 2012 Americas list is dominated by US judges and USPTO members, and also includes some professionals who have left a mark in the internet industry, we DCA  join the internet fraternity in celebrating our own Kurt Pritz from ICANN who has been very busy especially during this period when new gTLD’s process is underway , knowing that we also have applied for a new gTLD , .africa (dotAfrica) string. Another Top 50 finalist is Mr. Stahura the CEO and Co-Founder of Donuts that has applied for several new gTLD’s.

Courtesy Managingip

Kurt Pritz is a practicing attorney and the Senior Vice President of Stakeholder Relations at ICANN, where he oversees the growth of ICANN’s Multistakeholder Model, as well as ICANN’s key stakeholder relationships.Quoted from the IP Watch top 50 Website, Pritz himself has been among the most prominent defenders of the multi-stakeholder model, including in testimony before the US Congress. One of his next big challenges is to develop the Uniform Rapid Suspension system (URS) for straightforward disputes involving domain names and IP rights.

Paul Strahura is the CEO and Co-Founder of Donuts Inc ,a former President and Chief Strategy Officer, and a member of the board of directors, of Demand Media, Inc. Demand Media is the parent company of eNom, Inc. Mr. Stahura’s current venture, Donuts Inc., is still coalescing; given the timing and the people he is working with it is speculated to be a new gTLD venture.

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