.Honeywell joins the growing list of abandoned brand domains

The applicant of .honeywell brand domain, American conglomerate Honeywell (NYSE: HON) has decided it doesn’t want to run its own top level domain name anymore nor transition it to a third party registry.

The company informed (pdf) ICANN last month that it wishes to terminate its agreement to run .honeywell as a top level domain name. The company never used the domain; the only second level domain name it registered under .Honeywell was the obligatory nic.honeywell.

.Honeywell was the only domain name the conglomerate applied for. other domains that have been terminated include; .mcdonalds, .htc, .mcd, .naspers, .payu, .supersport, .mzansimagic, .mnet, .kyknet, .africamagic, .multichoice, .dstv and .gotv.

.mail, .home and .corp were not delegated due to name collisions, ICANN instead refunded applicants.

.Doha is the geographic TLD for Doha, the Qatar capital was also recently dropped.

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