New TLD applicants stumped by objection results

Applicants ask ICANN to intervene in objection process.

A dozen applicants for new top level domain names have sent a letter (pdf) to ICANN urging the group to step in and fix what they believe are flawed new top level domain objection results.

The applicants are questioning the rhyme or reason to objection decisions, including a recent bewildering decision in a community objection against a .sport application.

While legal rights objections certainly frustrated some objectors and applicants, string confusion and community objections have been plagued by seemingly contradictory decisions. Winning (or losing) a string confusion case had more to do with who the panelist was than the merits of the case, and the same pattern seems to be emerging in community objections.

This lack of certainty and consistency isn’t good for either applicants or objectors. Yet ICANN may decide it’s easier to just sit back and watch it unfold. Read more

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